Widefield High School Pilot

Instream Water is a convenient, affordable, and sustainable alternative to bottled water.  We provide fully filtered still and sparkling water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.  Students and parents can track water consumption inside the Instream Water app and see how many single-use plastic bottles you have saved from entering our landfills.

Instream Water Benefits Include

  • Convenient access to fully filtered still and sparkling water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water
  • Track hydration and number of single-use bottles saved inside the Instream app
  • Encourages students to consume water over sugary alternatives like juice and soda

How to Participate

1.) Pick up a free Instream Water band from the front office

2.) Place band around your clear reusable water bottle

3.) Download the Instream Water app, create account, and add funds

4.) Start dispensing still and sparkling water from the refill station

About Us

Instream Water is a sustainability oriented company focused on reducing the number of single-use plastic water bottles manufactured and disposed of every year.  We are proud to call Denver our home.