We believe that in order to displace single-use plastic water bottles, we have to make it remarkably convenient for customers to access clean filtered drinking water.  That’s why we offer a dense network of refill stations installed in public places so that customers will have reliable access to cold filtered water through their day.  We also make transacting remarkably easy.  Our technology allows customers to transfer funds and dispensing preferences directly onto their smart water bottle or band.  When you want filtered water, no need to swipe your card.  Just place your smart bottle on the dispensing platform at any Instream Water refill station, we will recognize you, how much money you have on your account, and your selected dispensing preferences.  Simply fill your bottle and walk away.

About Us

Instream Water is a sustainability oriented company focused on reducing the number of single-use plastic water bottles manufactured and disposed of every year.  We are proud to call Denver our home.